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Mars Gaming recommendations for Father’s Day

We know Father’s Day is a perfect day to give our products as a present: there are lots of gamer dads out there, and even more who haven’t renovate their PC gadgets yet. That’s why from Mars Gaming we bring 6 perfect recommendations for Father’s Day!

The MIH1 headset: sound quality and absolute comfort

The perfect balance between quality sound and comfort are first-hand demands: the MIH1 headset is one of the best gifts you can offer on Father's Day.

Comfortable and transportable, the MIH1 offers impeccable sound quality in a small size. Its in-line volume control box allows a total management of sound reproduction, without needing to use the volume controller of the computer itself. In addition, its noise cancellation filter microphone is a great complement for those parents who use videoconferencing at work. Do not hesitate!

MIH1 for 14,75€

Multiple connectivity: the MMS2

Since some parents have their computers on office desks and USBs sometimes are difficult to access, MMS2 is a perfect gift option.

MMS2 bungee hub provides your computer with 4 extra USB 3.0 ports so you can connect your peripherals without a problem. Whether they are loudspeakers, mobile phone, tablet or a more convenient access for the mouse, MMS2 is the ideal solution to those accessibility problems a desktop can present. It comes equipped with a flexible arm to hold the mouse cable providing precision and stability while sliding. It also has a great switchable red LED lighting to locate it any time.

MMS2 for 24,25€

Take care of your laptop thanks to the MNBC2 base

Many parents use laptops to watch series or work comfortably from the living room. Therefore, it is important to maintain an optimal temperature to extend notebook’s useful life as much as possible. Thus, we believe that MNBC2 portable cooling base MNBC2 is a mandatory choice to make the best gift on Father's Day.

The MNBC2 uses 5 ultrasilent 12/7cm fans that will keep your laptop refrigerated all day to protect its components from highest temperatures, without making a pinch of noise. Also, MNBC2 provides 2 extra USB 2.0 ports to expand your computer’s connectivity and facilitate the connection of additional devices. A mandatory accessory to give away on Father's Day.

MNBC2 for 16,95€

MGC1 chair: durability and comfort on 5 wheels

In front of classic desk chairs, gaming chairs offer unparalleled comfort. If you want your father to have that comfort, along with a spectacular design and a product of great durability, buy him a Mars Gaming MGC1 gaming chair!

At Mars Gaming we know that comfort is a basic requirement for any player, since we can spend hours playing in front of our PC and our neck and back can be easily hurt. Therefore, MGC1 is designed with a superb balance between comfort and durability. With a great foam padded headrest, a synthetic leather finish and tough nylon stitching, give your father the best possible comfort in three different colors: blue for a modern approach, red for a gaming style or black for an elegant look. No more excuses: MGC1 is the ideal product to replace an old chair and start enjoying Mars Gaming comfort.

MGC1 for 109,90€

The most accurate movement at the best price: MM1 gaming mouse and MMP3 mousepad

Gifting a computer mouse to your dad can be complicated, but Mars Gaming has the solution: MM1 gaming mouse offers a steady grip and a perfect glide for any user.

It has one of our most elegant looks, with an ergonomic and ambidextrous design. Its rubber finish provides perfect wrist rest and the shape of the mouse fits perfectly in the palm of any user. It’s equipped with an extra long braided cable and Teflon feet for super durability, plus a modern on-the-fly system to get up to 3200dpi. An awesome mouse for different purposes: both to start in the gaming world and to have an optimal glide and precise movement.

In addition, every good gaming mouse needs the perfect mouse pad. With this reason in mind, we have selected the amazing MMP3 gaming mouse pad as indispensable partner for the MM1. It has a double layer of rubber and aluminum, with a serious but attractive design for those parents who seek to maintain a professional aesthetic for their desk. Engineered to give the best sliding for optical and laser mice while providing a stable surface grip, this gaming mouse pad will be the perfect accesory for any mouse. For less than 20 euros you can get this perfect combination and hit the mark on Father's Day!

MM1 for 8,90€
MMP3 for 10,95€

Any of these six recommendations is perfect to make a great gift. Do not think twice: buy one of these awesome gadgets for your dad and win Father’s Day!

Mars Gaming recommendations for Father’s Day

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