General terms and conditions of sale

The present General Terms and Conditions of Sale regulate the buying terms of all of the products offered in our online store, property of BIOMAG Ltd. with VAT Number ESB01037241, from now on Mars Gaming, destinated to physical clients.

1. Generals terms

The previous reading and acceptance of this buying terms are essential requirements before making any order in The buyer admits that the acceptance of these conditions means their applying to this order as well as the next ones, with the only exception of those cases in which new conditions are put in his/her knowledge. The fact that Mars Gaming does not appeal on this conditions at any time will not remove the right to appeal on them previously or later.

BIOMAG Ltd. reserves the right to modify this general terms and conditions of sale at any time and without prior notice. The document will be always accessible to the customers from the website in case they need to consult them or print them.

The fulfillment of a purchase through the web implies the acceptance of both the price offered and the current conditions at the purchase time. Once the order is completed, it will be assumed that the purchase was made with full right by the customer with all the legal guarantees, and the prices and conditions will have contractual nature. Thus, they cannot be modify withouth the express agreement of both parts. The resulting electronic document after the purchase will be stored in the customer profile in order to provide quick access to it.

The interpretation and enforcement of these general conditions of sale and all the acts resulting from their consequence will be brought under the spanish right unless there are public order dispositions against it.

2. Prices

The general conditions of sale and the prices have both mere informative nature and they can be modified attending market fluctuations and demans. Prices published in are shown in euros and they are valid except in case of typographical error. All the published prices include applicable taxes on the day of the order. Any tax changes will be automatically applied to the prices. Mars Gaming products offers for sale will be put in customer knowledge in the products file and, unless saying the contrary, will be valid as long as they are shown in screen.

Once the order is created, the client will be able to pay through Paypal platform.

3. Products

The presented offers are valid within the stock limit and Mars Gaming saves the right to modify the products catalogue in case of incidences with their providers.

Photos and descriptions of the products for sale have only indicative nature and will not compromise Mars Gaming in case of incidence.

4. Deliveries

4.1. National shipping

Deliveries will be made between 2 and 4 days and will be sent the to person and the adress indicated in the order. During periods with a big volume of sales (ex. Christmas, Sales, Black Friday…), Mars Gaming won’t be responsible of possible delays due to overloaded roads for the transport company.

Delivery process will be complete once the transport company delivers the package to the customer and the reception sheet is signed. Once received, it’s the customer’s responsability to verify the integrity and the status of the package.

Shipping costs for Spain will be:

Peninsular Spain: 3.99€
Balear Islands: 6.99€

Shipping costs will be free once the order reaches:
Peninsular Spain: 39.9€

The following zones will be excluded: Ceuta, Melilla, Las Palmas, S.C. Tenerife.

4.2. International shipping

Deliveries may vary depending of distances, fees and transport limitations. Dates and shipping costs will be:

France (5 to 7 working days): 9.99€
Germany (5 to 7 working days): 9.99€

The following zones will be excluded:

France: Corsica.
Germany: Heligoland.

5. Promotions

Web promotions cannot be accumulated with other social network discounts (coupons, codes, etc)

5.1 Free shipping promotion

Only valid in Peninsule territory and Balearic Islands.

6. Warranties and refunds

The products offered to sale in have, by legal provision, three years warranty on all products purchased after January 1, 2022. Once the client has received the product, he or she will be able to process the return according to the following conditions.

6.1. Refund for unwanted products

In the event that the product is not to the liking of the customer or does not meet the expected expectations, this will be entitled to process your return and refund for 30 calendar days. When an order is returned during the first 14 calendar days after receipt and there is no error by Mars Gaming, it will refund the total amount of the order. If the return is made between 14 and 30 calendar days from the receipt of the product, only the amount of the product will be refunded. To carry out the process in both cases, you must contact Mars Gaming so that the address to which the product should be sent is provided. The cost of shipping and handling the return of unwanted products are borne by the buyer.

6.2. Refund for faulty / broken / beaten products

In the event that the product received is defective, broken, damaged at the time of arrival or does not match your description, the customer will have the right to return the product purchased to Mars Gaming under the warranty of three years on all products purchased after January 1, 2022. The customer will be responsible for contacting Mars Gaming directly to arrange a pickup order at their home or work location. In case this is not possible, Mars Gaming will inform the customer of the transport company to which they must go and the shipping address to which they must send the product in question. In the event that a pick-up order can not be carried out and, therefore, the customer is responsible for processing the return of the product to Mars Gaming, said shipment will be freight collect and the seller will be responsible for the costs of the delivery shipping and return.

If the product is returned after the first 6 months since the product arrival, the customer must prove evidence of a manufacturing defect and not damage caused by misuse, accident or a not recommended use for the product.

Thus, it is established that the warrant does not cover those defects cause by not recommended handling or a different use from that established by the nature of the product. Mars Gaming products are oriented towards domestic use: any flaw originated by a improper use of the product, a use different from its target design, an extreme use far from its original intentionality or in a environment that can damage the product by default, exempts Mars Gaming from any responsability over the guarantee, being a unique and exclusive responsability for the client to use the products in the recommended terms. In those cases, the customer is the full responsible for its repair.

The following product situations are excluded from the warranty: deteriorated by external causes, electrical accidents, wear or improper use, products modified or repaired by the customer, damaged because of a product not supplied by Mars Gaming and installed by the customer, products with a bad software/hardware configuration caused by the customer or in case of a virus infection.

7. Draws

The present text gathers the bases established as fundamental rules to take into account when participating in any draw or contest conducted by BIOMAG with C.I.F. number B01037241, hereinafter Mars Gaming, dated 06/21/2018.

Mars Gaming reserves the right to update these bases later than this date, without prior notice, due to possible modifications or changes of a legal natuer. The established bases in this document will be those to be attended in case of doubt, in order to provide participants with quick access to the rules of the event.

If you have any questions regarding the policy and regulation of draws and contests released by Mars Gaming, you can contact us through the email


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